Plans and pricing

For internal & external collaboration 

Custom Workshops

$2000+ 2-4 HOURS 
key features

1. How to curate mission-critical questions and conversations.

2. Ways to engineer psychological safety in any group setting.

3. Practical applications for unlocking shared purpose, strengths, values, visions, and aligned action.

Most popular

Shared Future

$5000 to $10K+1-2 days
key features

1. To co-create truly shared visions—informed by every perspective, not just leadership. 

2. Identify strategic opportunities and innovations using large group design sprints.

3. Inspire commitment and action, leveraged by social accountability.

4. Create a framework to implement psychological safety. 

Team Offsite Breakdown

$15k to $35k+2-4 days
key features
Participant will learn:

1. To reflect on what is and isn’t working. 

2. To align guests around a shared vision and purpose.

3. Reset the operating system.

4. Define short- and long-term goals

5. Boost morale and teamwork.

6. Experiment with new behaviors and tools.

7. Accomplish more with less time and resources. 

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Our Process

We tailor your workshop to your unique objectives.   

Discovery Call

We work with you to identify your individual areas of opportunity.   

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Pre-Event Engagement Meeting

We verify the outline of your custom workshop or training session. 

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Design Session

We design a start-to-finish engaging and interactive experience.

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Your Event

We connect 1 to 2 days before confirming objectives and last-minute updates.  


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